Junior High Science old

Science- Grades 6, 7, 8

The purpose of the St. Patrick’s Middle School science program is to prepare students for the challenges and rigors that they will face in a high school science curriculum. All students grades 6-8 undergo a review in scientific skills and the scientific method in order to ensure that the students possess a solid base of information and ability before entering the content specific content of the curricula.  All students also undertake a scientific inquiry project that allows students’ to creatively demonstrate their understanding of the scientific method in a project which they design and independently undertake.  Each grade is taught content specific curricula in which all the lessons are directly tied from one unit to the next.  The breakdown is as follows:

6th Grade:

Earth Science (Sample Topics: Solar System, Plate Tectonics, Water Cycle)

7th Grade:

Life Science (Sample Topics: Classification of Species, Human Body, Genetics)

8th Grade:

Physical Science (Sample Topics- Matter and Energy, Forces of Nature)


Students complete homework assignments on a daily basis that accounts for 20% of the students’ total grade.  The homework assignments in these classes provide both practical applications and analytical interpretations of the information, skills, and processes that they learn over the course of the year.  All homework assignments are given as practice and reinforcement of the content and are therefore expected to be turned in as soon as possible.  All late work will be marked down one letter grade for each day that it is not turned in to foster a sense of academic responsibility amongst the students.

Quizzes are periodically given over the course of a unit or chapter to ensure that students are following along with the material.  These quizzes account for 30% of the students’ grade.  Unit and chapter tests are given as a benchmark for students to comprehensively demonstrate their grasp of the material from a given unit.  These tests account for 40% of the students’ grade.